Staying Home Alone

by Maureen Sawtell


How will I cope alone at home?

Day after day without end

No U3a classes and choirs to attend

No having a laugh with my friends.


Doreen’s set us all our art homework

Making a file about the sun.

Stephens teaching us all to read music

Even Gareth Malone’s joined the fun!


Boris’s message is clear and appealing

Stay at home, stay safe and be well!

Two metres apart and no cheating

Together well get through this hell.


Thank God for the phone, and the ‘net

I never thought I’d hear myself say 

But these are good ways to support each other

Keeping us close day by day.


A call to arms for our dear NHS

Many thousands step up for the cause

Neighbours and tradesmen support those in need

Spreading kindness to help those indoors.


Now our spring gardens are blooming again

Showing us life can and must go on

Begging us to believe we’ll survive all the pain

Determined the fight will be won


Faith doesn’t survive in our churches alone

It exists in the midst of our hearts and souls

It’s there in the many kindnesses shown

In the smiles and the cheery hellos.


And as we emerge from this terrible strife

Midst devastating hurt and grief

Let us be healed and embrace a new life 

Turning  despair into hope and belief.