Chairman's Christmas message

Seasonal Greetings to all our ROPA members and their families.

On behalf of your ROPA Council I would like to express our very good wishes to you, for a Very Happy, Healthy and Enjoyable Festive Season.

2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone, most particularly for those of our age group. The COVID virus has taken a heavy toll. Many have suffered the trauma of long periods of lockdown without friends or families to support them. Others being forced to take extreme and unprecedented measures to protect themselves and loved ones from this vile disease.

However, we finally have some light at the end of the tunnel as we now move closer towards 2021. Good news that a vaccine may soon be available, this gives us hope that after such a long period we may eventually be able to restore some form of normality back into our lives.

ROPA’s door has stayed open right through these difficult times, always looking after the best interests of our members pensions. We will continue working on your behalf whatever the future brings.

So, as we look to brighter times the best gift we can now all give each other is to take good care, stay safe and have a Very Happy New Year.

On a different note, for those interested in our old business, the MOD have announced the award of a 15 year follow on to the munitions contract which expires in 2023. You can read about it here. Also a commentary on the Trustees annual review of the scheme has been added to the Members area


Frank Spencer

ROPA Chairman.

WARNING: We have just become aware of BAE Systems pensioners receiving emails from someone purporting to be a member of the JPC (Joint Pensioners Committee). Although these incidents relate to members of the BAE Systems Main pension scheme you may nevertheless be approached in the same way. This is a scam and if you receive any such email, don't click on any links and delete it immediately. If you want to, you can then report any such incident to us using the Contact Form on this page



Making A Difference

After health, a pension is one of the most important things in later life. We are dedicated to helping to ensure that your Royal Ordnance pension is properly managed, you know what you are entitled to and you get what you are due.



We watch, we listen, we share experiences, we inform our members and, if they ask us to, we help. Pension management is complicated, involves a number of organisations and sometimes, even in well run operations, something goes wrong.  So if you, or your spouse/partner, are a member of one of the Royal Ordnance schemes, either as a pensioner, a deferred member (having left before retirement) or are approaching retirement, it makes sense to be a member of ROPA. 



As long-time members of the Royal Ordnance Pension Scheme, we have an in-depth understanding of it’s particular complexities.  We have a combined experience of more than 100 years in pensions and several of us are still active as member nominated trustees or pensioner representatives in the Scheme.


We are independent, non-profit making and funded only by our members subscriptions


“A member’s widow wrote to ROPA to cancel her late husband’s membership. She disclosed that he had died a year earlier and she had provided the relevant certificates to the pension administrators. She was surprised not to receive a letter of condolence - we were surprised she had not received a widow’s pension! We put her in touch with a senior administrator and the omission was quickly resolved”

“ A member’s widow was advised by the administrators that she would receive a pension of one half that of her husband. Her husband had told her that it would be roughly two thirds of his and, on checking the section of the scheme he was in, we were able to assure her that he was right. We provided an appropriate contact number and the correct position was confirmed. Further training was also put in place in the administrator’s call centre”


Any member of the Royal Ordnance Pension Scheme is eligible to apply for membership.  You do not have to be a pensioner.

Joint membership is available if you wish to include someone living at the same address.


  • Help with understanding your specific pension issues

  • Informing you about scheme, pension & taxation developments:

    • Two ROPA Newsletters a year, to keep you in touch

    • An Annual General Meeting, where any issues can be aired

    • Access to the website's Member Area, where you can find relevant information

  • Personal support with accessing entitlements

Annual membership subscription is only £8.00.  Joint membership is £10.00.  Subscriptions are due on the 1st January.  Payment may be made by Standing Order, bank transfer or cheque.



Get in touch with ROPA to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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